Monday, October 13, 2014

I am back.

I started this blog earlier with the best of intentions, and all be, I never got back here. My world got flipped on its head about 18 times give or take a few.

 So here I am. I plan to write about my thoughts, my life, technology, real estate, and whatever my little heart desires (yes this is all about me.) I am passionate about helping people with their business and teaching them from my mistakes. Here is the deal, social has gotten way to noisy and it lacks the value I want. The world is "our version" of tough today, I want to have people in my life that will pick up the phone and call. I am just as guilty as the last guy for using social in the wrong way, I have posted the "Just Stopping by to say Hi!" with no intention of following up because I am to busy. Those are not relationships and I am sorry for continuing the cause of the noise.

You know what, back in the day there were secretaries or gate keepers we made appointments and we focused on people. We asked people to hold our calls, I want to go back, back in time to having respect for people and their time. Time = Money and we need to remember that. I know when you are young you grasp at anyone willing to give you their time. I know, I sure did and it helped me in my career and I am truly grateful. I can never repay the debt that I have incurred and it bothers me. So I try to pay it forward so that it never goes to waste, but in always paying my debt, I forget I have value. I forget that sometimes I need to say NO. I give you all permission to tell me NO!!

I want to breed a NO culture. NO I do not have time to talk right now my hubby and kids are more important. NO I can't help you with your problem, right now! See we have created a world where  everything is an emergency that is not an emergency. I do it all the time and I quickly look for feedback, guess what I know in my heart of hearts what is right and tomorrow is just fine for feedback. Ladies and Gentlemen I am sorry for throwing my need for instant gratification into your lives. Lets take No back! Whose with me?  Lets live lives that are rich and full of well thought out authenticity. PS if you are truly in a crisis please call me, I will be the first one to help.


Thanks for...

This week was Inman Connect San Francisco, it was inspiring, humbling, and nostalgic.
I have been attending for several years, it is where I first started in my career and social media. I was oh so young and I followed a reboot stream because of Tucker Wanamaker and learned to tweet.

I learned about the Inman Ambassadors and knew they were a key to my success going forward, I hoped I would be one, some day. Those ambassadors coached me, loved me, supported me, made introductions for me, helped me find love ;-)  The connect conference isn't really about the speakers and what you hear in the sessions, There were some great ones, I love seeing people who have achieved great things from humble beginnings, Peter Flint started out as an intern What... Guy Kowaski said we don't need Botox and gave us 12 easy yet incredible tips for success.

We saw products and features launched and companies purchased. It's pretty cool just to feel that energy. You want to aspire to be great in something. I watched fellow past Ambassadors grace the stage in new roles and see the passion for what they do and an industry they call home.

It is a time for an evolution of Industry.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Notes From Evernote...

Well today was a bit of an adventure teaching on the fly... I cannot believe I forgot my computer with my whole presentation. The people in my class were awesome and we were able to get through. 

Note to self... set a perimeter reminder on the iphone to check before you leave the office.  

Below is a screen shot, email tips, and links to other resources. I am happy to answer questions just leave a comment below or fill out  the contact form.

Screen Shots

Instructions for Emailing into Evernote


Beginning Evernote
Evernote Updates
News from Evernote
The Evernote Ambassador Community
Apps that Enhance Evernote
How to use Evernote from my buddy Bill Risser 

I hope you will love Evernote as much as I do.